As ‘MATCH Chamber’, we work with our strategic partner experts in the relevant field in all services we provide to companies. We provide these services as an assurance of the Mediterranean Countries Chamber of Commerce initiative. With the spread of the epidemic of COVID in U.S. and Mediterranean countries, we see that trade between the two regions is at great risk. As an attempt at the Mediterranean Countries Chamber of Commerce, in this sense, we aim to support the business community in particular in Mediterranean countries, notably Turkey.

In this context, we provide the services listed in the services section, with the experts that are our strategic partner in areas such as a lawyer, financial advisor, marketing consultant, e-commerce specialist, FDA specialist.

Although the Mediterranean Countries Chamber of Commerce initiative has been actualized in the extraordinary environment, we are going through, and it aims to continue its activities as a non-profit America based chamber initiative after the current crisis environment. MATCH Chamber provides some services to its member companies free of charge.

COVID-19 PANDEMIC CONCIERGE SERVICE2021-01-19T14:50:53+03:00

As MATCH Chamber, we continue our work taking into account the health warnings stated by the authorities in U.S. and Turkey.

With our concierge service, in case our companies cannot be physically represented, we ensure them to protect their legal and administrative rights and continuity all kinds of commercial activities, related legal and administrative procedures without interruption. Thus, we support companies in maintaining business continuity.

The main services we provide as MATCH Chamber:

Company establishment, trademark patent applications, debt follows up, following up business processes with local and administrative institutions in U.S., visa immigration, public accountant services, qualified business agency service.

The areas we started to serve within the scope of our CONCIERGE DESK service are:

It is the realization of every transaction that needs to be followed physically on behalf of your company. These transactions cover a wide range of content from obtaining an ITIN number to applying for newly released loans and funds on your behalf.


For businesses wishing to enter the American market, we offer solutions for company establishment services. In United States (U.S.) 50 states and in Turkey, including corporations, private partnerships, joint ventures, liaison offices, and branches, but not limited to this, to establish any type of company or institution, all relevant application, submission, and the registration process, we provide legal advice to our customers. We establish different legal entities such as simple company, dropshipping e-trade, start-ups, and holdings.

We provide a registered agent address location within the relevant state and reliable team to our business partners to receive and forward all service of process and legal notifications. We organize general meetings and board meetings in line with the requirements of our customers. In addition, we provide institutional restructuring services such as company type change on both sides of the Atlantic, and legal consultancy services on divestment and dissolution of the company.

The main services we provide as part of our company establishment and compliance services:

  • Opening bank accounts in the U.S.A.
  • Providing notary, apostille and translation services
  • Providing address and contact numbers
  • Virtual office services

In addition to company establishments, we also provide neccesary services to our clients who start working in a state other than their first establishment in the U.S.A., and international entrepreneurs aiming to penetrate U.S. market.


We provide consulting services for companies; to trade organizations representing sectors or a region, for entering U.S. market. Our marketing consultancy is sales-oriented. As a result of our consultancy service, you can reach to important buyers and offer your products to U.S. market in a day.

The services we offer in this context are as follows:

  • Marketing Research and Strategy
  • B2B Meeting Organization
  • Business Events
  • Advertising and Media Purchasing Services
STARTING E-COMMERCE IN US & CANADA2021-01-19T14:52:50+03:00

In U.S., before the Covid-19 outbreak, the total market share of durable goods was 15% above the total. This almost represents the whole market of a country as well as France. After the Covid-19 epidemic, the fact that the conventional stores closed to a great extent for a while, led to a real increase in the share of e-commerce. It is estimated that this rate is over 40% now. When looking at these conditions in general, the fastest way to enter U.S. market is e-commerce.

MATCH Chamber provides support to companies at every stage of the e-Commerce process in U.S.

Some of the services we provide; In the target online marketplace, opening the company store, developing the website and providing technical support, integrating the website into different market places, creating the website content, digital marketing services, e-commerce payment services, online customer services and logistics fulfillment services.

Some value-added solutions:

  • Establishment of the necessary administrative regulation in U.S. Example: Company establishment, opening a bank account, getting ITIN number…
  • Creating portals in Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento platforms
  • Building online stores and / or website integration into marketplaces such as Amazon, Ebay, Etsy
  • Creating page contents
  • Writing product information
  • E-commerce payment services
ACCOUNTING & TAX & BANKING SERVICES2021-01-19T14:53:14+03:00

In the United States, the person or company that makes the smallest transaction has to make a tax declaration. In U.S., the correct tax declaration for the commercial activity of a company is essential. In cases where the owner of the company is not a U.S. citizen, the number of ITIN required to maintain personal activities in U.S. is taken from the tax office. We offer tax and accounting services from A to Z for our customers. Also, we can open a bank account even if our customers are not in U.S.

Mistakes in taxation and accounting processes will lead to financial penalties and personal problems for the company and the company owner. At the same time, accounting methods such as income statements seem to be quite complicated. We offer accounting and tax services for you.

The tax and accounting services, we provide:

  • Sales tax payments
  • Annual personal and company tax notifications
  • Opening and managing a bank account in America
  • Payroll
  • QuickBooks Management
  • IRS Resolution & Audit support
  • 1040, 1040NR, 1040EZ, 1040ES
  • 1120, 5742 forms
  • ITIN & EIN applications
LAW SERVICES IN US & CANADA2021-01-19T14:53:36+03:00

Through our registered lawyers in the U.S., we offer services for all your legal needs, from sophisticated corporate companies with multiple partners to legal trade claim follow-up to legal processes in real estate sales. Also, we help companies in the fields of legal debt follow-up, file a legal action, and follow- up in the U.S.A.

Our advisory lawyers are highly experienced in tracking business cases in the United States (U.S.A.). They also provide support in order to prevent business plans and practices from facing financial or administrative penalties due to audits and evaluations, while adhering to the information technologies legal regulations.

Additionally, in the U.S., we follow the transactions of you or your company in different public institutions.

Our main legal services, we provide consultancy:

  • Commercial cases
  • Debt collection,
  • IT discrepancy
  • Immigration law

We make visa and immigration applications to the U.S.A. for business and trade purposes with our partner lawyers. We provide services regarding immigration visas, establishing a business in the immigration process, purchasing and managing a business or franchise, financial analysis, and business plan. You can make all your applications with us for U.S. investor visa types (E-1. E-2), in-house transfer visas (L1A-L1B), Green Card, and EB-5 programs.

PUBLIC PERMITS & REGISTRATIONS2021-01-19T14:54:32+03:00

As MATCH Chamber, we carry out the operations of companies such as trademarks, copyrights, and patents with the companies we cooperate in the U.S.A. We provide F.D.A. permits, which are especially critical for companies exporting products such as medical and food, with partner institutions in this field.

Our team provides legal services in copyrights, trademarks, domain names, patents, industrial designs, trade secrets, and confidentiality. On the I.P. contracts side, we are experienced in asset assignments at the founding, inventions assignment and confidentiality agreements for employees and contractors as well as mutual and unilateral confidentiality agreements. We also provide legal advice as to website terms of use, privacy and disclaimers for the businesses of our clients. We handle electronic trademark and patent registrations at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) through our U.S. qualified I.P. lawyers.

Some of the services we provide consultancy:

  • Brand registration
  • Getting Intellectual Property right
  • Obtaining FDA Certificate etc.
CONCIERGE SERVICES2021-01-19T14:54:50+03:00

MATCH Chamber supports companies in many important public transactions encountered in business processes.

Some of these services:

  • Notary, apostille procedures
  • Opening a bank account
  • Opening a PayPal payment system account
  • Getting an ITIN number
  • Getting an EIN number
  • Establishing a virtual office
  • Getting a U.S. phone line

About 65 percent of the Venture Capital market’s resources are located in America. The target of many international start-ups is to reach venture capital resources in America. There are some basic criteria that American venture capitals look at in the investment process. Again, the start-up aiming to receive investment should make business design in this direction almost from the first day.
As MATCH – Chamber of Commerce, we advise start-ups on their journeys. We advise on how to pursue a business plan and strategy to receive investments from American VCs. We also provide active support in dealing with targeted funds.

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