As ‘MATCH Chamber’, we work with our strategic partner experts in the relevant field in all services we provide to companies. We provide these services as an assurance of the Mediterranean Countries Chamber of Commerce initiative. With the spread of the epidemic of COVID in U.S. and Mediterranean countries, we see that trade between the two regions is at great risk. As an attempt at the Mediterranean Countries Chamber of Commerce, in this sense, we aim to support the business community in particular in Mediterranean countries, notably Turkey.

In this context, we provide the services listed in the services section, with the experts that are our strategic partner in areas such as a lawyer, financial advisor, marketing consultant, e-commerce specialist, FDA specialist.

Although the Mediterranean Countries Chamber of Commerce initiative has been actualized in the extraordinary environment, we are going through, and it aims to continue its activities as a non-profit America based chamber initiative after the current crisis environment. MATCH Chamber provides some services to its member companies free of charge.